Dr. Shirish(M.S.)Hiremath
Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune

I have had an excellent experience with both Pronova XR and Pronova. We’ve recently done a study (Ideal Registry) on extra-long length Pronova XR stents which was also presented during EuroPCR 2014. Out 30 patients, only 1 patient developed in-stent restenosis , while all other patients are doing well both clinically and angiographically. These are indeed very encouraging results and I am happy to use this stent

Dr. H.M. Mardikar
Spandan Heart Institute & Research Center, Nagpur

I have had a long standing association with Pronova, 13 years to be more specific. The stent has given excellent results & has done more than my expectations all these years

Dr. N.V. Deshpande
Spandan Heart Institute & Research Center, Nagpur

The latest study with Pronova XR stent conducted at our centre in Nagpur with 121 patients, had a TVR rate of 6.6% and late lumen loss was 0.25 mm ± 0.76 mm at a mean of 191 days. In my opinion, coronary angioplasty with polymer free Pronova XR stents results in acceptable late lumen loss and has got a very low target lesion revascularisation rate. Both these are very important parameters in judging the competency of a stent, and I would rate Pronova XR high on this scale