Accura-Balloon Catheter

Accura: Balloon Catheter

  • The Accura Double Lumen PTMC balloon dilation catheter has a 11 F, 80 cm shaft and a three stage expandable balloon
  • The balloon is well designed for the safe and optimal expansion of the mitral valve
  • Catheter tip design ensures rapid and smooth entry into the mitral valve
  • Balloon design ensures rapid inflation and deflation
  • Optimum compliance of the balloon material ensures even dilation of the mitral valve
  • The Accura Balloon is a dual lumen balloon and does not have a vent tube
  • No hole on the outside of the balloon ensures no seepage of blood when balloon is fully expanded

Safe, Simple, Sure and Cost Effective.

A balloon stretching tube, stylet, spring guide wire, dilator and syringe with marker are supplied with the balloon in the kit.

Recommended dye concentration is 1:8.

Accura Ordering Information

Sizes Available Catalog Numbers
19mm-22mm NM3022
21mm-24mm NM3024
23mm-26mm NM3026
25mm-28mm NM3028
28mm-29mm NM3029
27mm-30mm NM3030


Balloon Selection Max Balloon Diameter Patient's Height
29 mm > 180 cm
28 mm >160 cm
26 mm > 150 cm
24 mm > 150 cm
22 mm > 150 cm


Balloon Sizes Formula
Height in cm/10 + 10 = _mm